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You should read this introduction before filling in this form.
This form is for the use of providers registered with Ofsted to provide early years and later years childcare. As an Ofsted registered provider you are required to notify Ofsted of any significant events or changes occurring at or effecting your provision.
Providers who are registered on the Early Years and/or the Childcare Register are required to inform Ofsted of all notifiable events. The notification should be made no later than 14 days after the event occurred. For more information and guidance on what is a notifiable event please refer to the Early years compliance handbook section "Notifications from providers".
There is no requirement to notify Ofsted of a short term closure of a setting. For example, you do not need to tell Ofsted that adverse weather has forced your setting to close.
Further details about the requirements to notify Ofsted can be found via the EYFS.
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